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Mr. wrong could be my Mr.Perfect!

I often wonder, are we all just victims of conditioned responses doomed to repeat the same unconscious relationship patterns? In fact, were we all just dating the same person repeatedly? I had a thought, maybe the fight between marrieds and singles is like the war in Northern Ireland, we’re all basically the same but somehow, we wound up on different sides. Why is it that when it comes to counseling our girlfriends, we have the best advice, in fact, we sound like a certified relationship counsellors; however, in our personal lives, we struggle to find that one perfect man. Why do we always have this doubt if “he is the right one? Or Mr. Wrong could be my Mr. Perfect? Why do Red flags appear to be peach or Pink? but, never Red? Is it that, we women underestimate ourselves every day, or is it we create our limiting beliefs every second? Do we really understand Self Love, or do we just follow whatever is written in the books or Insta posts? Did we ever take out to time to reflect on our own choices and preferences or were we just busy getting lost in peer pressure, social obligations, or social media? Relationships aren’t hard but somewhere between the lines they are soggy… or chew. The key is not to warm them too much or thaw them at

the perfect temperature!

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