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Labels & Love

Are labels running behind you, or you are running behind labels?
A woman above 25 has been labeled numerous times, sometimes good and most of the times “not so good”.
Do these labels really have an impact on us? Yes & No.
When we are constantly bombarded with labels, it can be difficult to remember that we are more than just a label. We are complex individuals with our own unique thoughts, feelings, and experiences. We are not defined by our labels, and we should not let them define us.

As often heard and felt, Love is one of the most powerful forces in the world. It could heal, transform, empower, and even break us. When we are loved, we feel accepted, valued, & cherished. We feel like we can be ourselves, and that we are worthy of love. But does this love have to come from someone else? Love can help us to break free from the labels that society has placed on us. When we are loved, we are free to be ourselves, without fear of judgment or rejection. We are free to grow and to change, without feeling like we need to conform to someone else's expectations. So, when we get bogged down due to various labels we have been receiving from this world, why don’t we go back to love- love which is inside us, for us, and with us? The unconditional love that we always think and talk about, why can’t we have it for ourselves? When we are all up to love someone unconditionally, why can’t we first try doing the same to ourselves? Does unconditional love have to be only for others…? Or we are still confused between Love & Labels? Remember- "The most exciting, challenging, and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself”.

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