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Sacred Miracles Programs & Services  

The Law of Attraction is a powerful concept that has the potential to transform your life. It's the belief that positive thoughts and emotions can attract positive experiences and outcomes into your life, while negative thoughts and emotions can attract negative experiences and outcomes.

All the programs are designed strategically to help you understand the Law of Attraction, its principles, and how to apply them in your daily life to manifest your dreams and goals.

Whether you are seeking financial abundance, love, good health, or anything else, the programs will guide you through the process of attracting it into your life. With the Law of Attraction, you have the power to create the life you desire, and this program will help you harness that power. Let's begin the journey towards a more fulfilling and abundant life together!

No available programs
  • Five to flourish

    From my own experience I suggest 5 sessions of coaching to meet your current life goals.
    Valid for 2 months
    • Ten to Thrive

      This package of 10 sessions allows you to fully commit to yourself.
      Valid for 3 months
      • Life Coaching Session
    • Single Session - Stepping Stone

      If you are not sure that you could commit instantly, take this.
      Valid for 7 days
      • Life Coaching Session
    • Mystic Potion

      Learn Basics of Law of Attraction
      Valid for one month
      • 10 One-on-One sessions, 2 Tarot Checks, Ebook
    • Manifest & Thrive

      21 days transformational Program
      Valid for 21 days
      • 7 One-on-one sessions, Digital workbook
    • Hidden Vibes

      Every week
      This program is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the Law of Attraction
      Valid for 5 weeks
      • Ebook, Guidance to manifest 2 of your deepest desires.
      • 10 One-on-one sessions
      • 45 days support
    • Drop of Mana

      Every week
      Perfect for people who wants to learn anything & everything about LOA
      Valid for 6 weeks
      • 25 One-on-One sessions, Ebook, Subliminals, Tarot checks,
      • Healing sessions, DNA activation codes
      • Manifestation guidance
    • Psychic & Tarot Reading

      Want to see whats coming for you?
      • 45 Mins Guidance & Psychic Reading
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