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Hello Beautiful Soul

Unlock the power of Law of Attraction, self-love, manifestation and healing with Sacred Miracles. I am here to help you create a life full of miracles and joy. Take your first step towards a happier, more fulfilled life today! The Universe led you here for a reason – if you’re ready to transform your mindset & elevate your energy to manifest an extraordinary life – then you’re exactly where you’re meant to be! 

Hi I am Neha 

Master Certified Life Coach & Law of Attraction Coach 

As a Manifestation Expert & Self Love focussed person I am dedicated to helping individuals unlock their full potential and achieve their dreams by cultivating a positive mindset, practicing self-love, and harnessing the power of manifestation. With my guidance, my clients discover the tools and techniques they need to overcome limiting beliefs and achieve their goals, both personally and professionally. My mission is to empower individuals to live their most fulfilling and authentic lives, and to help them realize their true potential.Whether it's improving relationships, advancing in their career, or enhancing overall well-being, I am committed to providing my clients with the tools and support they need to overcome obstacles and create lasting change.


You could work with me for 

Cultivating Self Love 


Tarot Reading & Healing 

Challenging your Limiting Beliefs 

Your Success Is Inevitable…

Hi, Neha ma'am Thank you so much for your valuable time given to us It was really a great experience held with you. I'm grateful for all the information provided regarding my questions and for all the beautiful words used!! I m happy that I choose you to answer such an important question. if I feel stuck in the near future I'll contact you again.

Thank you once again

- Chanda Gharani

Thanks a lot  Sacred Miracles for such a wonderful workshop. I really regained the law of attraction theory once again. You really have a very good knowledge & I am blessed to interact with you. There is so much to learn & looking forward to gain those wisdom qualities from you. You are such a pure soul. God Bless you. 

- maheshwari2884

The readings with Neha are really amazing.Her readings were so True & Spot On. It seems she already knows what's going on in your life. She listens to you patiently & gives fantastic solutions & guidance is really simple to follow. I would suggest everybody to take her sessions and get a reading done

-Surbhi Pareek

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